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Army and Outdoors offers wide choice of high quality army shirts in variety of styles, colours and camo patterns. If you are looking for a durable military shirt to complete your combat uniform you can find it in our NZ based online store, choosing from classic BDU and ACU designs. You can also find a selection of combat shirts, perfect for Airsoft, tactical shirts - ideal for security personnel, and a collection of fashionable Surplus shirts.

  • German Army Tracksuit Top QUICK VIEW German Army Tracksuit Top $19.50

    German Army Tracksuit Top


    When not in the battle field the German army liked to work out in these comfortable two tone blue tracksuits. Featuring the Bundesadler or "Federal Eagle" on the breast. Features:...
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  • German Army Barracks Shirt QUICK VIEW German Army Barracks Shirt $19.50

    German Army Barracks Shirt


    This German army tan shirt was designed for use around the barracks. Considered a chino or utility/general issue shirt, this lightweight piece of clothing is great as casual wear. Perfect...
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  • Black Ripstop Field Shirt QUICK VIEW Black Ripstop Field Shirt $45.00

    Black Ripstop Field Shirt


    Everyone can make use of a ripstop shirt. They're perfect for everyday use and outdoor activities. Ripstop material means that if a rip occurs, it won't progress into a full...
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  • German Navy Sailors Shirt QUICK VIEW German Navy Sailors Shirt $39.00

    German Navy Sailors Shirt


    *Patches and Insignia may not be included* Naval uniforms may be the most iconic of all military outfits and these German shirts reinforce that statement. Mixing style, quality and design...
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  • USGI M51 Wool Shirt QUICK VIEW USGI M51 Wool Shirt $35.00

    USGI M51 Wool Shirt


    If you're looking for quality made genuine issue cold weather gear, look no further than this M51 wool shirt. First released around the Korean war era (hence the 51) and...
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  • British Navy Sailor Shirt QUICK VIEW British Navy Sailor Shirt $25.00

    British Navy Sailor Shirt


    This iconic shirt was made for the British Navy. Soft and comfortable cotton, this genuine issue Navy shirt is great for use in authentic reenactments, for fancy dress or as workplace outfits....
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  • German Army Long Sleeve Shirt - New QUICK VIEW German Army Long Sleeve Shirt - New $29.90

    German Army Long Sleeve Shirt - New

    Size:  39/40 (M)

    These German army combat shirts are always a popular pick. They blend style and quality all into one fantastic genuine issue shirt. Featuring two large chest pockets, adjustable cuffs, solid...
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  • British Long Sleeve Shirt QUICK VIEW British Long Sleeve Shirt $9.50

    British Long Sleeve Shirt


    A very well made general service olive cotton & polyester shirt. One of the few purpose-made long sleeve shirts and now becoming more scarce as the british army changed from...
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  • French Gendarme Sky Blue Shirt QUICK VIEW French Gendarme Sky Blue Shirt $14.50

    French Gendarme Sky Blue Shirt


    Sky blue shirt with straight backButton through front.Epaulettes on the shouldersPleated sleeves with button cuffs.Two chest pockets with button flaps.Two Velcro patches.Condition: New
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  • Australian Issue Khaki Shirt QUICK VIEW Australian Issue Khaki Shirt $10.00

    Australian Issue Khaki Shirt


    This Australian issue shirt is a great piece of dress clothing. A fantastic choice for fancy dress occasions and formal wear. Don't let the surplus price fool you, this shirt...
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  • US Khaki BDU 4 Pocket Shirt QUICK VIEW US Khaki BDU 4 Pocket Shirt $35.00

    US Khaki BDU 4 Pocket Shirt

    84-94cm (S) / 170-180cm (R)

    4-pocket, 60/40 Cotton/poly Ripstop BDU Coat made to U.S. Military Specifications. 4-pocket design 2 chest pockets have snag-proof button flaps with bellows and drain holes Left pocket has pencil pocket...
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  • U.S. Black Tactical Shirt - New QUICK VIEW U.S. Black Tactical Shirt - New $35.00

    U.S. Black Tactical Shirt - New


    This BDU shirt is a made from ripstop polyester cotton fabric.Two pocket shirt with button down flaps and epaulettes on the shoulders.Reinforced elbows and button cuffs.Condition: New
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