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Protect all of your delicate bits with some armor.

  • Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet QUICK VIEW Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet $59.00

    Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet


    The Bulgarian M36 helmet - known as Каска М36 in Bulgarian - was the standard helmet of the Bulgarian Army before World War II started and during that  conflict. Introduced...
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  • Flecktarn Helmet Cover - New QUICK VIEW Flecktarn Helmet Cover - New $19.50

    Flecktarn Helmet Cover - New


    *Helmet not included, chin strap is part of the helmet* Make your boring old helmets fit in better with your uniform by using this quality flecktarn helmet cover. Flecktarn is...
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  • British Army MTP Helmet Cover QUICK VIEW British Army MTP Helmet Cover $12.50 Just In

    British Army MTP Helmet Cover


    *Helmet not included, chin strap is part of the helmet* Spice up your bland old helmet with this genuine British army issue MTP helmet cover. MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) is...
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  • French Army Motorbike Helmet QUICK VIEW French Army Motorbike Helmet $299.00

    French Army Motorbike Helmet

    Size:  58cm

    These fantastic French army motorbike helmets are made by Italian company Tecnoplast. The French military and police force ordered these knowing the company produces some of the very best motorbike helmets...
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  • Serbian NE44 Steel Helmet QUICK VIEW Serbian NE44 Steel Helmet $39.00

    Serbian NE44 Steel Helmet


    *Some of these helmets do not have the red star insignia* This Serbian helmet is the definition of tough and sturdy. The design is a classic military helmet shape, that also...
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  • Polish Army Steel Helmet QUICK VIEW Polish Army Steel Helmet Out of stock

    Polish Army Steel Helmet


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Genuine and stylish, these Polish military helmets are dated 1969, and they have stood the test of time. With a simplistic design, Poland really went for a "Just get the...
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  • Replica MICH Helmet QUICK VIEW Replica MICH Helmet $129.00

    Replica MICH Helmet

    Colour:  Black

    This fantastic helmet is styled after the MICH (Modular Integrated Communications Helmet). The MICH is one of several helmets used by the US army, and was developed to be the next...
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  • Tactical Knee Pads QUICK VIEW Tactical Knee Pads $29.00

    Tactical Knee Pads


    Sometimes knees need protection, so you're going to need top quality guards that are both feature rich and stylish. These knee pads are tough and ready for anything you can...
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  • French Woodland Helmet Cover QUICK VIEW French Woodland Helmet Cover $4.50

    French Woodland Helmet Cover


    French woodland helmet cover.Rubberised material, Green on one side brown on the other.Metal clips on cord to attach to most helmetsIdeal as a starting point for a ghillie suit, or...
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  • US M1 Style Helmet Liner New QUICK VIEW US M1 Style Helmet Liner New $35.00

    US M1 Style Helmet Liner New


    This is a reproduction of the M1 inner shell,Features: Adjustable suspension system for the M1 helmet. Adjustable mesh webbing, one size fits most. Chin strap Condition: New
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  • Swedish 1926 Vintage Helmet QUICK VIEW Swedish 1926 Vintage Helmet $39.50

    Swedish 1926 Vintage Helmet


    Made in the mid 1920's Sweden developed a new model based on m/21 helmet. It has no pressed stiffening ridge or national emblem, also liner has been fixed in a...
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  • M88 Style Plastic Helmet QUICK VIEW M88 Style Plastic Helmet $35.00

    M88 Style Plastic Helmet


    This is a replica M88 helmet made by MIL-TEC. The helmet is modelled on the famous U.S. PASGT design and features: Lightweight thermoplastic construction Adjustable head liner Adjustable chinstrap Lightweight...
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  • Black Flying Goggles QUICK VIEW Black Flying Goggles $24.50

    Black Flying Goggles


    *Not Safety or impact resistant goggle* Classic fliers/drivers gogglesUsed by the Tigermoth pilots to the Triumph bikers.These reproduction goggles will protect your eyes in retro style.Size: One size fits allColour:...
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