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Special Announcement

Important News & Updates Regarding COVID-19 and Army and Outdoors

March 31/2020 13:35

Army and Outdoors is in the process of registering with MBIE for delivery of essential non-food supplies. We are currently delivering essential food and emergency supplies, and are now able to sell essential non-food consumer products.

We are taking all precautions and acting in compliance to minimise the risk of COVID-19 spreading. We have a small but very dedicated team living on-site in isolation in our Christchurch warehouse working to get essential orders dispatched.

Our customers are diverse and as such their equipment needs are diverse. Farmers, construction workers, law enforcement, security and military personnel are among our regular customers providing essential services. We have made reasonable judgements of what we consider to be genuine non-food essential products. We ask that your household act responsibly and only order goods that are absolutely necessary.

Essential Items may include:

While current restrictions are in place, orders that contain 'essential supplies' will be packaged and sent out following strict health & safety measures to protect our staff and our customers. Orders containing only non-essential products will be packaged ready to send as soon as restrictions are lifted.

NOTE: Please tick the 'checkbox' in cart to declare whether the goods you are buying are essential or non essential.


March 26/2020 15:30

As this unprecedented situation evolves, we are working to get clear information about how we can maintain our business and serve our customers in a safe and fair manner.

As we are a provider of food products - which no one will argue is not an essential survival item - and our skeleton warehouse crew are isolated on-site following all government requirements, we will continue to send out orders that include any essential consumable items.

All other orders that do not include food, will still be SECURED FOR YOU, but will not be sent out until we have the all-clear to do that.

Please keep an eye on this page for any changes to service.


March 26/2020 10:30

Further to yesterdays announcements from the NZ government. Our apologies to our customers, the sending out of orders will temporarily halt. You can still browse and place orders - securing items that are limited in stock - but we will not be able to ship for now. There is ongoing clarification and discussion and this may change soon.

In this time we appreciate support from kiwis and Aussies who are purchasing from our site. It keeps us viable in this difficult climate and keeps employees who cannot work right now, in jobs.

We are watching this unfolding situation closely and hope in the very near future, we can safely start getting your orders to you.


March 25/2020 12:45

In the interest of everyones health and safety, Army and Outdoors has implemented a temporary dispersed workforce strategy in our warehouse. As of March 26, our Customer Service staff will be working from home and will be unable to accept inbound calls. We will continue accepting orders online. All customer service inquiries will be handled via email using the Chat feature below (lower right of screen).

In maintaining the directives from the NZ government, we will all be in our 'bubbles' of isolation. A skeleton crew in our warehouse will be living and working on site to maintain the required isolation during this lock-down period and get your orders out. We are taking this seriously! Additional hygiene protocols are also being observed by our onsite team. 

Please note: Orders being shipped to business addresses during this lock-down will not be delivered if the receiving business is closed. At this stage we expect shipments to residential addresses will continue without interruption.

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