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The 95 pattern British army combat vest is a popular choice for British army infantry. Designed for quick access to a variety of pouches and easy wearing. A mesh frame gives the overall package lightweight and breathable properties. Perfect for hunters, paintballers, and airsofters out in the field.

This fantastic vest features two large dump pouches on each side, two large utility pouches, two sectioned magazine pouches and a medium utility pouch on each side of the chest. There are two zip pockets with internal pockets inside too. Attached to the mesh frame are clips for Camelbak hydration packs, quick release buckles, a carrying strap and many more adjustable straps.   


  • Genuine British army quality
  • Two dump pouches
  • Two utility pouches
  • Two sectioned magazine pouches
  • Two medium utility pouches
  • Lightweight mesh frame
  • Clips for Camelbak attachment
  • Three quick release buckles
  • Carrying handle

Weight: 1.35kg
Pattern: DPM
Condition: New/Unissued

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