French Army Sterilising Kit

French Army Surplus

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Stainless steel steriliser kits like this were issued to French medics to address injuries out on the field. The kit uses an alcohol (ethanol) burner underneath the basin to heat up and sterilise medical instruments. The legs on the case fold out to transform it into a basin. The burner can then be placed underneath. Extra alcohol can be stored in the additional tank. A stainless steel construction is necessary for sterilisation as it won't rust. After sterilisation, the instruments can be dried with the included strainer. Each kit is unused and contains a spare wick for the burner. The kit is a stunning looking piece for a collection or add it to your survival kit.


  • Basin doubling as carry case
  • Ethanol burner
  • Shallow basin strainer
  • 2 extraction tools
  • Extra wick for burner

Dimensions: 18cm L x 8cm W x 5.5cm H
Weight: 0.7kg
Content: Stainless steel
Colour: Silver
Condition: New/Unissued


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