British Army MTP Gas Mask Bag

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This genuine British pack is given to any soldier issued a gas mask. It features a main compartment, designed to carry the gas mask and its components. The side pouches are utilized for the storage of gas masks filters. Soldiers attach these packs to their thigh, strapping it around their waist. Although this is the prefered military method, the pack also functions fantastically as a side bag.

This makes for the perfect messenger bag, giving you enough room for documents, books and electronic tablets. The side pouches offer even more storage for the user. Hunters, airsofters and paintballers can use this pack for storing ammunition and magazines. Another handy use for this bag is as a survival kit as the material is sturdy and protective enough for medical and survival equipment.


  • Velcro, button and zip up main compartment
  • 2 MOLLE attached side pouches
  • D-Rings for strap attachment
  • MOLLE straps on the back


Pack - 31cm H x 25cm W x 13cm D
Side Pouch - 23cm H x 9.5cm W x 8cm D

Weight: 0.7kg
Pattern: MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern)
Condition: New/Unissued

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