GI Style Jungle Boots - Desert


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Jungle boots are a combat boot that was designed for jungle environments, or hot, wet and humid conditions. They have vent holes and a canvas upper to aid in ventilation and moisture drainage. First tested in Panama and then used in WWII, most notably use during the Vietnam war, where it was in it's natural habitat.

Enough of the history though, these boots here are styled off the US Army model and have an extremely sturdy sole. The quality canvas and nylon upper is breathable yet strong. There is also a metal shank inside the sole. No this is not a James Bond style hidden knife, it's actually for protection from bamboo stake traps or other things that could penetrate the sole. If you're going to hot or humid outdoor environments, these are the boots you'll be needing. With this tan colour, you can complete your desert themed uniform for effectively blending in to arid environments.


  • Canvas and nylon upper
  • Steel shank
  • Rubber "Panama" style sole
  • Leather toe, heel and lace area

Sizing: The US shoe size is a size larger than the UK/NZ standard measurement ie US10 = UK/NZ/AUS 9. The "W" at the end of a size stands for wide. For a detailed chart on shoe sizes click here.
Weight: 1.85kg
Colour: Tan
Condition: New


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