British Aircrew Respirator MK5

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RAF issue Aircrew Respirator - also known by less 'politically correct' nick-names which have been omitted from this product description.

An AR5 comprises a single piece rubber hood and heavy rubber cowling with neck seal. Incorporated in the rubber hood is an aircrew oxygen mask and transparent visor. Along for the ride is a handheld respirator - affectionately known as the 'Whistling Handbag' - which provides breathing air until the mask connects into an aircraft oxygen system. The mask has a number of inlets/outlets, among them; a connection for a microphone and a connection for a drinking tube.

These masks were in service from 1979 up until the early 1990s. Where chemical warfare was a threat, the AR5 was donned for safe passage through the skies.

This is a versatile piece of equipment, not just for use in conflict regions. Use as a kitchen aid when chopping onions (no more tears); re-enact your favorite Darth Vader scenes or just start a new trend in streetwear.

A scarce piece of RAF crew kit which rarely comes up for sale.


  •  AR5 mask hood/visor/hosing
  •  Handheld Respirator (Whistling Handbag)
  •  Original protective cloth cover for visor
  •  Inline Filter
  •  Protective carry case

Condition: Used/Excellent

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