KingCamp Sleeping Bag Breeze 200




Sometimes you need a good, all-round sleeping bag... and this 200gsm (grams per square metre) sleeping bag from KingCamp fits the bill perfectly. If you're camping or hiking around the South Island, this 'mummy style' sleeping bag is suited towards Summer conditions. If you're located in the North, you should be able to squeeze another season out of it. 

With its extremely comfortable 100% polyester filling, and comfortable, protective fit, we know you'll be more then happy while sleeping outdoors. If you're planning a camping trip this summer and want a comfortable experience in a lightweight piece of gear, then look no further than this KingCamp sleeping bag.


  • Comfortable and durable material
  • Mummy style, means more head protection
  • Anti-static build up
  • Easy compression
  • Cram sack, with carrying handle
  • Choose from left or right, zip styles 

Expanded: 215cm L x 80cm W (Shoulders) x 55cm W (Legs)
Compact: 39cm L x 22cm W
Weight: 1.2kg
Contents: 100% Polyester outer / lining / filling
Comfort: 11 Degrees
Comfort Limit: 7 Degrees
Extreme: -4 Degrees
Colour: Blue
Condition: New

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