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Sporks have been in use for a long time, some designs are dated to as late asĀ 1874. They've been used by military personnel, prisons, backpackers, hikers, trekkers, campers and many, many others. The conventional spork is usually a spoon head with fork prongs cut out. This spork design by Light My Fire is more like a spoon/fork hybrid, which effectively makes it easier and more comfortable to use.

When heading outdoors, taking a spork over the usual utensils is a fantastic idea. You save space and weight, have less to wash up and it's easier to use. The toughness and lightweight nature of the titanium material mean that this utensil should last you for life. This spork is also non-corrosive, non-magnetic and biocompatible.


  • Tough, lightweight titanium material
  • Spoon and fork/knife hybrid design
  • Non-corrosive, non-magnetic and biocompatible

Dimensions: 17cm L
Weight: 20g
Material: Titanium
Condition: New

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