Magnum Spartan Tactical Boots




These Magnum Spartans are some of the nicest boots we've seen. The same samples that were manufactured for our own New Zealand defence force. They're brand new and haven't been fully released yet, meaning you can be one of the first to own these high quality combat boots. Magnum have put a lot of effort into these bad boys, so they'll be sure to impress.

Outdoor enthusiasts, paintballers, airsofters, hunters, hikers and pretty much everyone else will find use out of these boots. The Vibram sole provides a tread pattern with maximum surface contact and an unparalleled grip. A reinforced rubber ankle support is your best friend during long adventures and fast paintball games. With a soft tongue and padded ankle, you'll have more comfort and breathability. Sturdy material, comfortable interior and a hard wearing sole make up a boot that will be your long life partner.


  • Vibram rubber sole
  • Rubber ankle support
  • Flexible tongue
  • Padded exterior ankle
  • Hanging loops
  • 550 Paracord bootlaces
  • Sample stock, manufactured for the NZDF

Size: British shoe sizing, check our sizing guide for more information.
Weight: 1.9kg
Colour: Black
Condition: New/Unissued

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