Swedish Military Issue Bow Saw

Swedish Army Surplus



This mean looking piece of military equipment is the Swedish issue bow saw. Like something out of a gothic horror movie, this saw is unique looking and viciously tough.  The 30 inch, replaceable blade can rip through a variety of materials with ease. With a bow like grip, you'll be able to get a good grasp of this terrific tool, making it much easy to cut down the target. A mechanism on one end allows users to replace the blade, if it ever sustains significant damage.

For any outdoor enthusiast, this will certainly be a great companion. Take it in your vehicle or pack when heading out camping, the blade will make short work of logs for firewood. Keep this in the garage for any scenarios where you need to cut something down to size. Having this in your survival kit is a fantastic idea, you never know when you'll need a saw in emergency situations.


  • Heavy duty 30 inch blade
  • Removable blade
  • Bow shaped design
  • Genuine Swedish surplus
  • Wooden saw guard

Dimensions: 85cm L x 25cm W
Weight: 1kg
Colour: Olive Drab 
Condition: Used/Good

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