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Now this is something unique. We have here a Swiss military M93 bicycle in fantastic condition. This olive drab beast was the first major re-development of the original Swiss Army Bicycle built by Villiger and Condor. The aim was to build upon the already heavy duty bicycle with modern features. The result was this robust and feature rich military bicycle, made with Swiss army quality.

The frame layout is the same as the M05 (except for its OD colour) to retain compatibility with existing Swiss equipment. A modern redesign comes with a modern gear system. A 7-speed derailleur gearing system made by Shimano™ to be precise, which is protected by a hefty guard at the rear axle. For equipment storage, a front carry rack was fitted in addition to the standard rear carry rack. This also served as a mounting for the new headlight assembly, operated by an axle-mounted dynamo. Other modern features were incorporated, such as hydraulic rim-brakes and modern mountain bike style handlebars.

A handy saddle bag attached to the frame allows users to store files, documents and other equipment. A hard plastic box, located near the rear wheel, contains a tire pump and full repair kit. This contains a puncture repair kit, oil, 5 allen keys, a phillips head screwdriver, 2 tyre levers and an angle head box spanner. Finally a pouch for the Swiss M84 canteen sits near the handlebars, for hydration on the go. All of these fantastic features come together in a unique package you won't easily find elsewhere.


  • Sturdy design
  • Leather seat with robust suspension
  • Axle mounted dynamo
  • 7-Speed derailleur gearing system
  • Rear axle guard
  • Rim-brakes
  • Rear light
  • Canteen pouch
  • Front and rear carry racks
  • Frame mounted saddle bag
  • Hard plastic repair kit box
  • Full repair kit

Dimensions: approx. 173cm L x 97cm H
Weight: approx. 24.5kg
Colour: Olive Drab
Condition: Used/Excellent


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