Tactical Paracord Dispenser

Atwood Rope

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The Atwood Rope tactical paracord dispenser (TRD) is a self contained rope dispenser that puts 550 lb test 7 strand paracord at your finger tips. Keep your trusty rope free from knots and tangles all while being able to cut what you need, when you need it.

A heavy duty removable belt clip means you can take the TRD with you anywhere as well as use it one handed. The compact design accommodates 50ft/15m of cord and can be easily stored and carried around.

Originally designed for military purposes but perfect for nearly everyone, Law enforcement, Fire fighters, Scouts, Hikers, Hunters, Stage and Riggers, contractors, Construction, Handymen, and anyone who uses cord at anytime.


  • 50ft/15m Removable Spool
  • Built in Cutting Blade
  • Built in Paracord Grip
  • Heavy Duty Removable Belt Clip
  • Integrated Ruler
  • View Port Window

Dimensions: 9.5cm x 9.5cm x 6cm

Body - Black and Olive Drab
Cord - Black
Weight: 0.16kg
Condition: New


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