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This is a combination of 2 sleeping bags and a bivi bag, creating a modular sleep system that is capable of -40 celsius and wet conditions. Made up of the US cold weather sleeping bag, olive drab patrol bag and waterproof woodland bivi bag. This fantastic system allows you to mix and match pieces depending on the outdoor conditions.  

The cold weather sleeping bag is great for temperatures between -1 to -23 degrees celsius, while the patrol bag is more suited towards warmer climates, down to -1 degree celsius. When the weather heads south and the rain begins to pour, just throw on the stylish woodland bivi.

It'll be hard to find a better sleeping system for cold weather with this amount of versatility. 


  • Modular design that can be mixed and matched
  • Black cold weather sleeping bag
  • Olive drab patrol bag
  • Waterproof woodland bivi bag
  • Adjustable cram sack 

Dimensions: approx. 188cm L x 75cm W (Shoulders) x 41xm W (Feet)
Weight: 3.9kg
Colour: Black, Olive Drab, Woodland 
Condition: Used/Very Good

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