USGI MultiCam Tactical Assault Panel

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The 'Tactical Assault Panel' system (TAP) is a lighter, quick release replacement for the 'Fighter Load Carrier' vest (FLC). This system has the versatility of other combat vests but with added flexibility. Soldiers would have used this system while in vehicles, giving them the ability to wear a combat rig without sacrificing maneuverability. The main panel on this vest has a variety of PALS (Pouch Attachment Ladder System) straps, allowing the user to attach pouches and gear in any position they desire, giving this system an edge over the competition.

Paintballers and airsofters will get the most use out of this fantastic vest. With the vast range of straps, you'll be able to attach your own pouches for airsoft magazines or paintball hoppers. Running around the field on hot days can be tiring, so you don't want to be wearing a large vest. Hunters can also put these to good use. Take it with on hunting trips and load it up with your own MOLLE gear, the quick release system is great for easy reloads on the go.

  • Fits six, M16 mags and two M14 mags
  • Quick release magazine system
  • Adjustable back support system
  • Internal mesh pockets
One size fits all
Pattern: MultiCam
Condition: New

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