USMC Coyote Bivy Bag - Grade 2

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Part of the USMC 3 Season Sleep System, the 'Improved Bivy Cover' is one of the most popular components.

Our grade 2 is just like the grade one except with a bit more wear and tear. Unfortunately the Marines are fairly rough on their gear and the fine mesh on these bivys tends to get torn. Fortunately, there is an inside flap that can be zipped up behind the mesh. You may also find some small holes in the main body of the bag.


  • Bivy Cover is a micro-porous laminated membrane with highly water repellent exterior
  • Features a semi-circular, non-locking zipper an
  • Wire mold-able frame around face screen
  • A bug-proof screen port over the face (holes and repairs may be present)
  • Bivy cover zips over the wearer, giving full coverage and protection from the elements
  • One size fits most

Weight: 880grams
Used/Grade 2 - There may be holes in the bag and the mesh may be torn or have repairs.

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