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Walking down the road, you notice something in the window that catches your eye. Perhaps it’s that decent pair of boots you’ve been looking for. Maybe it’s a jacket, some camping gear, or a historic helmet for your collection. You look up at the sign over the shop door. It’s an army surplus store.

Is that the kind of shop for me? You ask yourself. What even is an army surplus store?

Well, an army surplus store is a lot of things. A treasure trove of interesting finds. A vendor of great quality, durable outdoors and hunting gear. And it’s great value for money. As you would expect, a lot of the gear in an army surplus store is excess military equipment. Not old cast-off stuff worn out on active duty, but proper, quality military gear that is surplus to requirement. Army surplus stores get this gear for a good price, which means the prices on the shelves are low.

You can pick up just about anything you’d find in an outdoors store, but for a better price. Boots, hiking gear, wet weather gear, cold weather gear, hot weather gear, packs, gun accessories, you get the idea. And this isn’t cruddy cheap stuff, either. The gear you will find in an army surplus store is designed for combat. People’s lives depend on it not failing. That makes it perfect for many other scenarios. Survival clothing, hunting gear, hiking, fishing, or even just going on a family holiday at a DOC camp.

You won’t just find outdoors equipment in an army surplus store. You can never be sure exactly what you’ll stumble upon. As well as surplus gear, most army surplus stores are second-hand dealers as well. As such, they accumulate a lot of interesting items, and historically significant collectors’ pieces.

Common discoveries include military and national flags; all kinds of patches; dog tags; replica weapons; historic uniforms; ammo boxes; jerry cans; the list goes on. To really find out, you’ll have to browse this website or drop in to a local store yourself! And don’t be worried that it’s a niche store just for ex-military survivalists and hunters. It is a niche store, but we get all kinds of people coming through every day.

Of course, army surplus stores are popular with hunters, hikers, campers, and collectors, but we also get a lot of paintballers and airsofters; farmers; scouts; 4WD and offroaders; motorcyclists; and even schools coming in looking for equipment.

So if you’re interested in buying some high-quality gear for a good price, come in and see us. If you want to buy some good-quality everyday clothing, come in and see us. If you want to get into the outdoors but don’t have the equipment, if you want to start a military collection, or just get a few interesting talking pieces to decorate your lounge, come in and see us!

Army surplus

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