Army and Outdoors offers wide choice of high quality army shirts in variety of styles, colours and camo patterns. If you are looking for a durable military shirt to complete your combat uniform you can find it in our NZ based online store, choosing from classic BDU and ACU designs. You can also find a selection of combat shirts, perfect for Airsoft, tactical shirts - ideal for security personnel, and a collection of fashionable Surplus shirts.

  • British Desert DPM UBACS Shirt - New QUICK VIEW British Desert DPM UBACS Shirt - New $59.00

    British Desert DPM UBACS Shirt - New

    Size:  X Large

    Genuine British Army Issue UBACS Shirt This Under Body Armour Combat Shirt is designed to be worn under body armour As Currently Issued to British Troops Quality constructed for MOD...
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  • British MTP UBACS Shirt Tan - New QUICK VIEW British MTP UBACS Shirt Tan - New $79.00

    British MTP UBACS Shirt Tan - New


    This British UBACS is truly a of thing beauty and quality. UBACS or "Under Body Armour Combat Shirt" is exactly as the title says, a shirt that goes under armour. The torso area is...
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