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In search for a perfect army jacket or fashionable military coat you are in the right place. Browse through a wide and growing selection of army inspired apparel that includes ageless M65 jackets, functional field parkas, classic flight jackets, military jackets and military style coats, along with advanced waterproof jackets and soft shells, all in variety of designs, colours and patterns including MultiCam and A-TACS.

  • M65 Field Jacket Liner QUICK VIEW M65 Field Jacket Liner $34.50

    M65 Field Jacket Liner


    Under any good jacket should be a removable liner, and the iconic M65 jacket uses this fantastic liner. This comfortable button on liner is obviously made for the M65 jacket,...
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  • Italian Trench Coat QUICK VIEW Italian Trench Coat $69.00

    Italian Trench Coat


    Although this is considered a trench coat, when donned it feels more like a detective coat. The iconic khaki colour brings that old detective style alive, while the material brings...
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  • German Army Grey Overcoat QUICK VIEW German Army Grey Overcoat $69.00

    German Army Grey Overcoat


    Here we have a fantastic German army dress coat, made from quality materials. This coat would have been worn during military events, possibly in the Panzer divisions. It's striking grey...
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  • Czech M85 O/D Parka With Liner - New QUICK VIEW Czech M85 O/D Parka With Liner - New $79.00

    Czech M85 O/D Parka With Liner - New


    Fantastic jacket, fantastic look, all topped off with a fantastic price, what more could you ask for? The Czechs have really thought of it all with this one. This parka...
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  • German Navy Overcoat With Liner QUICK VIEW German Navy Overcoat With Liner $54.90

    German Navy Overcoat With Liner


    Just because it's military surplus doesn't mean it can't look good, and you'll be doing exactly that in this overcoat. But it isn't just good looks and smiles you'll be...
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  • Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat QUICK VIEW Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat $49.00

    Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat


    Have you been missing that dark and grim look in your life? Have you been feeling cold on those late winter nights? This trench coat will be there to wrap...
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