Footwear Accessories

Many a foot would come to grief without a sturdy pair of boots for protection. For those occasions that do not require boots we have shoes, open footwear and all the accessories to keep them in good shape.

  • German Shoe Cleaning Kit QUICK VIEW German Shoe Cleaning Kit $14.50 Just In

    German Shoe Cleaning Kit


    *NOTE: This only comes with ONE triangular head brush despite the image featuring two* This genuine German Army shoe cleaning kit is a great addition for anyone wanting to take care...
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  • Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing QUICK VIEW Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing $24.50

    Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing


    Dubbin is a fantastic piece of equipment for indoor and outdoor gear. This handy tin will enhance your leather footwear, boots, jackets and sporting goods with various properties. One of the...
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  • NATO Plastic Cambrelle Fabric Insoles QUICK VIEW NATO Plastic Cambrelle Fabric Insoles $2.50

    NATO Plastic Cambrelle Fabric Insoles


    These insoles are lined with Cambrelle fabric, renowned for its unique high absorbency, quick drying, long-lasting and extra comfort properties.Condition: New
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  • Kiwi Shoe Polish QUICK VIEW Kiwi Shoe Polish $4.00

    Kiwi Shoe Polish


    KIWI Brown Shoe Polish contains a time-honoured blend of quality waxes that protect and nourish leather and produce a long-lasting, glossy shine. It provides superior staining and scuff coverage. It...
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  • Mil-Spec Boot Laces QUICK VIEW Mil-Spec Boot Laces $4.50

    Mil-Spec Boot Laces


    Ideal for military, law enforcement or construction work. As an approximate guide, these 182cm boot laces will be suitable for boots with around 10 eyelet pairs. Quality cotton/polyester blend Heat-formed...
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