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  • Dog Tag Silencer Single QUICK VIEW Dog Tag Silencer Single $2.00

    Dog Tag Silencer Single


    These round silencers will stretch out to fit a standard military regulation dog tag (1.125" x 2"). Once fitted, silencers will prevent dog tags from "clinking" together. Our silencers are...
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  • Dog Tag Ball Chain QUICK VIEW Dog Tag Ball Chain $3.00

    Dog Tag Ball Chain


    Dog tags attach to these long and short chains and are placed around a soldier's neck. Dog tags are a form of identification for military units. Soldiers wear two identical...
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  • Dog Tag Single QUICK VIEW Dog Tag Single $2.50

    Dog Tag Single


    Dog tags are identification tags worn by soldiers around the neck. Here we have a selection of standard and alloy borderless dog tags in a variety of colours. For a...
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  • Printed Dog Tag QUICK VIEW Printed Dog Tag $8.50

    Printed Dog Tag


    *NOTE: Chains not included*Choose from a selection of detailed and quality colour printed dog tags. These dog tags are stainless steel, have a very durable print and a 24 inch...
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