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  • Short Barrel Rifle Case QUICK VIEW Short Barrel Rifle Case $69.00 Just In

    Short Barrel Rifle Case

    Colour:  Black

    This smaller rifle case is ideal for carrying around your short barreled rifle. Its super soft, padded interior will ensure a safe and scratch free journey for your weaponry. There...
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  • Camosystems Military Style Netting QUICK VIEW Camosystems Military Style Netting $5.00 Just In

    Camosystems Military Style Netting

    3m Wide

    NOTE: This net is sold per metre. Everyone interested in the outdoors could do with some quality military style netting in their kit. You'll find a variety of uses for...
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  • German Brown T-Shirt QUICK VIEW German Brown T-Shirt $9.50 Just In

    German Brown T-Shirt


    *NOTE: Brown tone may vary* German army soldiers used this wool blend t-shirt for physical training and casual wear around the barracks. Stay comfortable in this t-shirt while in warm...
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  • Genuine Issue ACU Trousers QUICK VIEW Genuine Issue ACU Trousers $49.00 Just In

    Genuine Issue ACU Trousers


    The ACU (Army Combat Uniform) trouser (or ACU pant) is officially worn with a two-inch nylon web belt. Features include Velcro pouches for knee pad inserts, two forward-tilted thigh storage...
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  • USGI M65 Woodland Jacket - Used QUICK VIEW USGI M65 Woodland Jacket - Used $99.00 Just In

    USGI M65 Woodland Jacket - Used


    Here we have a US army genuine issue M-65 BDU field jacket in woodland camouflage. Introduced into US military service in 1965, the M-65 jacket has become a cultural icon....
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  • Jerry Can Flexible Pouring Spout QUICK VIEW Jerry Can Flexible Pouring Spout $12.50 Just In

    Jerry Can Flexible Pouring Spout


    Jerry can flexible nozzle with filter screen. Narrow tapered tip, sure seal rubber gasket and heavy gauge steel construction. Condition: New
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  • Belgian Leather Compass Pouch QUICK VIEW Belgian Leather Compass Pouch $19.50 Just In

    Belgian Leather Compass Pouch


    This compact pouch is great to keep on your person, in your car or attached to your gear. Originally intended for Belgian soldiers to keep their compasses in, but now...
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  • Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet QUICK VIEW Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet $59.00 Just In

    Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet


    This style of helmet was used by Soviet forces during WWII. These particular helmets are dated in the 1950's, so they didn't see any action in WWII, but the same...
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  • British Army DPM Holster QUICK VIEW British Army DPM Holster $19.50 Just In

    British Army DPM Holster


    A truly versatile holster here. For starters, it's your stock standard browning holster. With attached mag pouch, flap and Velcro/button strap. It can be attached to your belts and gear. Then...
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  • M84 Swiss Canteen and Cup QUICK VIEW M84 Swiss Canteen and Cup $20.00 Just In

    M84 Swiss Canteen and Cup


    Swiss Field Issue Canteen with cup Tough 850 ml poly canteen with rubber gasket screw-top NBC lid that can be used with gas masks. Nesting aluminum cup features folding handles...
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  • Swiss Field Maintenance Kit QUICK VIEW Swiss Field Maintenance Kit $19.50 Just In

    Swiss Field Maintenance Kit


    *NOTE: The contents of these kits vary* Swiss maintenance field kit, this is a boot cleaning kit and clothing repair kit. Even if the contents vary, you'll be sure to...
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  • M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover QUICK VIEW M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover $69.00 Just In

    M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover


    The classic M1 helmet. In this package, we are putting together the surplus helmet with a brand new commercial liner from Mil-Tec and a Woodland cover. Condition: Helmet: Used/Very Good...
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  • German Olive Drab Poncho QUICK VIEW German Olive Drab Poncho $45.00 Just In

    German Olive Drab Poncho


    Easily one of the best ponchos around.  High quality rubber prevents any water from getting through. This poncho is a little weighty, but the payoff is a great rubber material that will...
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  • 3 Colour Camo Face Paint QUICK VIEW 3 Colour Camo Face Paint $15.00 Just In

    3 Colour Camo Face Paint


    Strong plastic box with mirror and 3 different colours (brown, green, black). Camouflage your face, neck, and hands in stripes or patterns to suit your environment. Perfect for paintball, survival,...
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  • French Olive Drab Rain Jacket With Hood QUICK VIEW French Olive Drab Rain Jacket With Hood $39.00 Just In

    French Olive Drab Rain Jacket With Hood


    Socovat French Army rain jacket with hood. This is a great lightweight Olive Drab coloured rain jacket from the French army. A convenient feature of this jacket is that it...
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  • Heavy Duty Bungee Cord QUICK VIEW Heavy Duty Bungee Cord $6.50 Just In

    Heavy Duty Bungee Cord

    Size:  30 Inch

    Bungee cords have many handy uses and keeping them around is always a good idea. Use them to secure objects in place or tying down items without needing knots. Bungee cords...
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  • Swiss Alpenflage M70 Jacket - Used QUICK VIEW Swiss Alpenflage M70 Jacket - Used $39.00 Just In

    Swiss Alpenflage M70 Jacket - Used


    This Swiss army M70 jacket is a steeple of quality and versatility. Issued from 1957 to 1983, this jacket was designed with storage in mind. Packed with pockets and pouches to...
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  • Air Pro Commando Goggles QUICK VIEW Air Pro Commando Goggles $45.00 Just In

    Air Pro Commando Goggles


    These quality Commando Air-Pro goggles feature soft foam lining inside the frame to ensure a perfect and comfortable fit. A curved shape that guarantees complete protection of the entire eye area. Moreover, thanks...
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  • NATO Style Folding Shovel QUICK VIEW NATO Style Folding Shovel $55.00 Just In

    NATO Style Folding Shovel


    Folding shovels are some of the most useful bits of equipment to come out of the military. Designed to be compact and easy to transport while retaining versatility. This authentic...
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  • Woodland Camouflage Basha QUICK VIEW Woodland Camouflage Basha $89.00 Just In

    Woodland Camouflage Basha


    *Telescopic tent poles, Tactical cord and Tent pegs NOT included* Bashas or hoochies are easy to setup waterproof shelters, designed for outdoor sleeping. This large basha can comfortably fit 2-3 sleeping bags...
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