Wet Weather Gear

All of your wet weather gear located in one handy place. From waterproof socks and boots to ponchos and Gore-tex clothing, we have the kit to keep you dry.

  • Hi-Tec Trooper Waterproof Boot QUICK VIEW Hi-Tec Trooper Waterproof Boot $219.00 $129.00 SALE Just In

    Hi-Tec Trooper Waterproof Boot

    $129.00 $219.00

    *SPECIAL OFFER: These boots include a FREE pair of Merino Wool Magnum Socks. These socks are perfect for the outdoor adventurer and make a fantastic addition to the Hi-Tec boots*...
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  • TriMax Waterproof Jacket QUICK VIEW TriMax Waterproof Jacket $189.00

    TriMax Waterproof Jacket


    Waterproof jackets are an important part of any outdoor adventurers kit. This tri-layered jacket is designed to be waterproof and windproof while retaining breathability.The outer shell features a durable, water...
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  • French Gendarmerie Jacket QUICK VIEW French Gendarmerie Jacket $199.00

    French Gendarmerie Jacket


    There are a lot of qualities that make up a good rain jacket and this French police gendarmerie jacket ticks every box. The most important part is the quality waterproof...
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  • British 95 Desert MVP Trousers QUICK VIEW British 95 Desert MVP Trousers Out of stock

    British 95 Desert MVP Trousers


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    Here we have a fantastic pair of genuine British Goretex (or MVP) overtrousers, finished in DDPM (Desert Disruptive Pattern Material). This desert DPM variant was designed for, you guessed it,...
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  • British 95 Desert MVP Jacket QUICK VIEW British 95 Desert MVP Jacket $99.00

    British 95 Desert MVP Jacket


    This is a lightweight, high quality MVP (British Army equivalent of Goretex) waterproof breathable jacket with a hood. Two breast pockets, storm flap with hook and loop closure, cuff adjustment...
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  • NIKWAX Wash-In Waterproofing QUICK VIEW NIKWAX Wash-In Waterproofing $17.50

    NIKWAX Wash-In Waterproofing


    This wash-in solution is perfect for waterproofing one garment in a front loading washing machine. The NIKWAX tx.direct waterproofing solution provides waterproof properties while retaining breathablility. This can be used to replenish...
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  • Koha Softshell Trousers QUICK VIEW Koha Softshell Trousers $99.00

    Koha Softshell Trousers


    Here we have some quality made softshell trousers. They feature high performance triple layer softshell fabric with a membrane that is bonded between the outer shell and inner microfleece layer....
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  • British Army DPM MVP Mittens QUICK VIEW British Army DPM MVP Mittens $35.00

    British Army DPM MVP Mittens


    Here we have a pair of quality made British army MVP over-mittens. MVP is the British Army equivalent of Gore-Tex (Moisture vapour permeability). These would have been used during wet weather encounters...
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  • USGI Modular Sleep System QUICK VIEW USGI Modular Sleep System $335.00

    USGI Modular Sleep System


    This is a combination of 2 sleeping bags and a bivi bag, creating a modular sleep system that is capable of -40 celsius and wet conditions. Made up of the...
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  • Outback Oilskin Overtrousers QUICK VIEW Outback Oilskin Overtrousers $125.00

    Outback Oilskin Overtrousers


    These 12oz oilskin overtrousers are more than ready for rough outdoor work. Quality 100% cotton material and waterproof properties make these trousers ideal for anyone working in harsh conditions. Feel...
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  • Outback Duck Back Oilskin Dressing QUICK VIEW Outback Duck Back Oilskin Dressing $22.50

    Outback Duck Back Oilskin Dressing


    Quality leather needs quality waterproofing and Outback™ have provided just that. This reproofing cream is the perfect tool for making your oilskin prepared for poor weather. Applying the cream is easy....
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  • Black Waterproof Pants QUICK VIEW Black Waterproof Pants $59.00

    Black Waterproof Pants


    These black waterproof trousers are the perfect piece of clothing for poor weather. Any outdoor enthusiast will know the disappointment inclement weather can bring, so having a good set of waterproof...
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  • Kauri Rain Jacket QUICK VIEW Kauri Rain Jacket $85.00

    Kauri Rain Jacket


    This is a very lightweight rain jacket and will see off light to moderate rain. An mesh lined interior and vented back help to wick away moisture, this adds up...
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  • Nepia Softshell Jacket QUICK VIEW Nepia Softshell Jacket $129.00

    Nepia Softshell Jacket


    The idea of a softshell jacket is to let moisture from your body escape while keeping rain and wind out. An outer layer provides rain and wind resistance. A middle...
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  • Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat QUICK VIEW Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat $35.00

    Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat


    Boonie hats are a practical head wear option for all outdoor enthusiasts, look good while being protected from the sun and rain thanks to the wide brim. The protection it provides...
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  • MTP MVP Lightweight Trousers - New QUICK VIEW MTP MVP Lightweight Trousers - New $119.00

    MTP MVP Lightweight Trousers - New


    These quality made, genuine British army MVP trousers are designed for poor weather scenarios. British Army equivalent of Gore-Tex known as MVP (Moisture vapour permeability). MTP or Multi Terrain Camouflage, was...
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  • French Dark Blue Police Jacket QUICK VIEW French Dark Blue Police Jacket $159.00

    French Dark Blue Police Jacket


    This genuine issue French police jacket is made from quality waterproof material. Perfect for cold and low visibility weather. The jacket features a zip in liner that provides comfort and warmth...
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  • All Weather Olive Drab Notepad QUICK VIEW All Weather Olive Drab Notepad $14.50 Just In

    All Weather Olive Drab Notepad


    Carrying a notepad with you outdoors is a great idea, but you'll need something better than your usual pad when the weather picks up. This notepad features a water resistant cover...
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  • Laminated PVC Dry Sack QUICK VIEW Laminated PVC Dry Sack $29.90

    Laminated PVC Dry Sack


    This PVC dry sack is a great piece of equipment for anyone expecting poor weather when heading outdoors. Stuff it full of gear for your next adventure, the waterproof laminated material is perfect...
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  • Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing QUICK VIEW Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing $24.50

    Dubbin Neutral Leather Waterproofing


    Dubbin is a fantastic piece of equipment for indoor and outdoor gear. This handy tin will enhance your leather footwear, boots, jackets and sporting goods with various properties. One of the...
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