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Whether it's a military themed party, a hunting trip or just another day on the battle field, we have the gear for the occasion. Our large range of products will keep you covered year round. From waterproof jackets and soft shells, warm parkas, combat shirts and cargo trousers, through camo T-shirts, military style shorts and thermal underwear, to wide variety of accessories such as tactical and work gloves, casual and army belts, Boonie hats, multipurpose scarves and a choice of other headwear.

  • USGI Cold Weather Jacket QUICK VIEW USGI Cold Weather Jacket $39.00

    USGI Cold Weather Jacket


    Part of the Gen-III ECWCS (Extended Cold Weather Clothing System) the Level 3 Fleece Jacket Foliage Green is the primary insulation layer, worn under shell layers. These jackets have been...
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  • German Army Olive Drab Sweater QUICK VIEW German Army Olive Drab Sweater $99.00

    German Army Olive Drab Sweater


    It's hard to find a better sweater then this German army outerwear. Quite possibly the benchmark for jerseys and the like. Made from high quality wool/poly blend material. This is...
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  • Quarter Zip Fleece Jacket QUICK VIEW Quarter Zip Fleece Jacket $29.50

    Quarter Zip Fleece Jacket


    Keep warm and comfortable this cold season with this highly breathable, quick drying, anti-pill and very comfortable fleece. Lightweight and outfitted with everything you need to combat the cold. This...
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  • Kea Fleece Jacket QUICK VIEW Kea Fleece Jacket $29.00

    Kea Fleece Jacket


    Keep warm and comfortable this cold season. This is a highly breathable, highly insulating, quick drying and very comfortable jacket that is very lightweight. Features: 2 x hand pockets Content:...
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  • British RAF Wool Jersey QUICK VIEW British RAF Wool Jersey $35.00

    British RAF Wool Jersey


    Very similar to the iconic commando jersey, although it's not as commonly seen as the green counterpart, it still has all the comfort and style. This is a comfortable pull-over rib...
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  • German Black Security Sweater QUICK VIEW German Black Security Sweater $75.00

    German Black Security Sweater


    A high quality Jersey made from 100% acrylic with nylon reinforcements. Designed for those who want a security style sweater that is both comfortable and durable. Modelled after the German...
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  • Dubai Desert Tan Wool Sweater QUICK VIEW Dubai Desert Tan Wool Sweater $29.00

    Dubai Desert Tan Wool Sweater


    Durable, soft, warm and 100% wool classic V-neck style sweater. It has elasticized cuffs and waist locks out drafts. Reinforcements to protect the elbow, forearms and shoulder areas that will...
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  • British Army Issue Wool O/D Sweater QUICK VIEW British Army Issue Wool O/D Sweater $39.00

    British Army Issue Wool O/D Sweater


    This is the original commando sweater, Has been used all over the world by hundreds of different police and military units. They are a comfortable pull-over rib knit sweater that...
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