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  • Czech Army Field Cap QUICK VIEW Czech Army Field Cap $19.50 Just In

    Czech Army Field Cap


    Field caps (or patrol caps) are used by military personnel when a helmet is not required. These particular field caps have no apparent tags or markings indicating where they're from....
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  • Kryptek Night Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Kryptek Night Baseball Cap $19.50

    Kryptek Night Baseball Cap


    Kryptek camo is a unique, lizard like pattern originally designed for hunting. The camo mixes both blend and distributive patterns to create a layered effect. In these darker tones it...
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  • Auscam Camouflage Peaked Cap QUICK VIEW Auscam Camouflage Peaked Cap $19.50

    Auscam Camouflage Peaked Cap


    Keep the sun out of your eyes and the camo on your head with this cap. Auscam is the nickname given to the Disruptive Camouflage Pattern Uniform (DCPU) used by...
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  • German Army Tan Trousers QUICK VIEW German Army Tan Trousers $29.00

    German Army Tan Trousers


    The Germans are back with another high quality trouser. This pair is used by the German Army for casual use around the barracks on those hot days. It's lightweight, tropical...
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  • Olive Drab T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Olive Drab T-Shirt $17.50

    Olive Drab T-Shirt

    Size:  X Large

    The perfect t-shirt for physical activities and casual every day use. Made from 100% preshrunk cotton for a comfortable fit. A great choice for the warmer months. Don't miss out...
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  • Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap QUICK VIEW Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap $5.00

    Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap


    The Czechoslovakian army M60 field cap was issued to troops in the 1960s and worn through to the 80's. The 'needles' or 'clouds' pattern looks similar to the East German...
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  • Kids Urban Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Kids Urban Baseball Cap $12.50

    Kids Urban Baseball Cap


    The urban camouflage pattern is easily on of the most civilian friendly camo patterns. It works for daily wear as well as on the airsoft/paintball field. Caps are a great...
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  • Black Cotton Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Black Cotton Baseball Cap $9.50

    Black Cotton Baseball Cap


    Having a cap in your clothing collection should be standard, and if you don't now's your chance with this affordable 100% cotton cap. Quality made and adjustable, meaning it fits...
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  • Vintage Woodland Camo Shorts QUICK VIEW Vintage Woodland Camo Shorts $69.00

    Vintage Woodland Camo Shorts


    Everyone could do with a stylish pair of shorts for hot weather activities. These woodland style camouflage shorts have a vintage stone washed look that makes them more casual for...
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  • Military Style Patrol Cap QUICK VIEW Military Style Patrol Cap $19.50

    Military Style Patrol Cap


    These quality made patrol caps are fantastic for a variety of outdoor activities. Patrol caps are an officer and base worn cap that evolved from the ridgeway cap design. Also...
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  • British Army Brown PT T-Shirt QUICK VIEW British Army Brown PT T-Shirt $9.90

    British Army Brown PT T-Shirt


    Genuine British army physical training shirt. Used by the best of the best for training, so you know it's going to fit perfectly into your workout. Even if you're not working...
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  • Tropentarn Camo T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Tropentarn Camo T-Shirt $25.00

    Tropentarn Camo T-Shirt


    This fantastic t-shirt is quality made and wrapped in the German designed Tropentarn camouflage. Tropentarn (tropical camouflage) is an arid or desert version of the iconic German Flecktarn pattern. Wear...
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  • Vegetato Camo T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Vegetato Camo T-Shirt $25.00

    Vegetato Camo T-Shirt


    This fantastic t-shirt is quality made and finished in the Italian made 'Vegetato' camouflage. Vegetato (vegetated) is the current Italian army issued camouflage. It's mottled pattern consisting of brown, russet and olive green shapes on a...
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  • Multicam T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Multicam T-Shirt $25.00

    Multicam T-Shirt


    This t-shirt features the popular US made 'multicam' pattern. Multicam is a varied environment camouflage pattern first introduced in 2002. It utilizes 7 colours to effectively blend in with arid...
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  • Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt QUICK VIEW Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt $19.50

    Kids Woodland Camo T-Shirt


    These woodland style t-shirts are perfect for kids interested in the outdoors. They're stylish, comfortable and fantastic for a wide range of activities and uses. The breathable fabric makes exercising...
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  • BDU Woodland Shorts QUICK VIEW BDU Woodland Shorts $49.00

    BDU Woodland Shorts


    These flexible and comfortable BDU woodland shorts are the perfect pick for daily use and outdoor activities. The lightweight feel and stylish woodland camouflage finish work together to make this...
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  • Woodland Camo Ripstop Shorts QUICK VIEW Woodland Camo Ripstop Shorts $59.00

    Woodland Camo Ripstop Shorts


    Finding a good pair of shorts for a variety of occasions can be difficult, luckily these woodland camouflage shorts have you covered. The quality ripstop material is comfortable, flexible and...
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  • ATACS FG Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW ATACS FG Baseball Cap $19.50

    ATACS FG Baseball Cap


    This tactical ATACS-FG baseball cap is the perfect blend of style and quality. ATACS FG is a forest camouflage that has a unique blended look. Velcro patches feature on the front,...
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  • Tactical Multicam Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Tactical Multicam Baseball Cap $19.50 $9.50 SALE

    Tactical Multicam Baseball Cap

    $9.50 $19.50

    This tactical multicam baseball cap is the perfect blend of style and quality. Multicam is a US made camouflage, designed to blend in with a variety of terrain. Velcro patches feature...
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  • Tactical Flecktarn Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Tactical Flecktarn Baseball Cap $19.50

    Tactical Flecktarn Baseball Cap


    This tactical flecktarn baseball cap is the perfect blend of style and quality. Flecktarn is a fantastic camouflage pattern, used by the Germans in forest terrains. Velcro patches feature on the...
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