Request a Return


To be eligible for a return, send it back within 30 days from date of delivery. Keep in mind, you should do this before you use the product. Try clothing and footwear on indoors.

  • 1. Start a return
    Return, replace or exchange items. Enter your order number and email address.
  • 2. We send you return label
    Print this out. Attach to your return package and contact courier for a pick-up.
  • 3. We will be in touch when your return is processed
    Whether it is a refund or an exchange, we'll let you know what's happening.



Buying anything online generally carries an air of apprehension when it comes to the 'shipping' aspect; how long will it take? will it arrive? what sort of condition will it arrive in? et cetera. We understand this and will try to allay some of those concerns in this section.

  • We will process your order within 1-2 business days of order receipt.
  • Once dispatched, you should receive your order within 1-3 days, depending on your location (RD deliveries can take longer).
  • NOTE: These delivery timeframes are NOT guaranteed. Most of the time, they are accurate, but - as we all know - deliveries can be held up for any number of reasons beyond our control.

Delivery addresses should only be made to a place where a person can verify the goods have been delivered (ie: a business address during 9:00am-5:00pm). Please note we are not responsible for loss or incorrect deliveries if the original input of the address was incorrect.

If you have any special instructions please add a note during checkout in the comment box.

We use NZ Post for New Zealand Orders. They are a reliable, speedy and efficient service. However - as with any delivery service - there are those rare occasions that a package goes MIA and does not make it to its destination. If it has been more than 8 days and there is no sign of your package, first contact us and then check with NZ Post (have your tracking number handy). If it turns out your package is lost, we will endeavour to resend your products as soon as possible.