This guide will explain the stated conditions of our military surplus and what they mean when buying surplus from Army and Outdoors. This is a general guideline of how we grade used products. All products will have the condition stated at the bottom of the description.
When we grade products, we are looking at functionality, does the product still work as intended? Does it have any tears, holes, scratches or other marking? Some things may be a bit dirty or scuffed up, but they will clean up to be excellent - we try and grade with this in mind.
Product colour: Sometimes products will vary in colour for a variety of reasons. As all device screens have variations in the colours they display, please understand that what is shown on screen is not exactly what you will get. If a product has a large variation in shades, we will mention this in the description.


    New - Commercial New Product (Non-Military issue)

    New/Unissued - Item has not been used and is in 'as new' condition. This may or may not be in original packaging.

    Used/Excellent - Item is near unused. There may be some minor signs of use or marks from storage.

    Used/Very Good - Item has clearly had some use. There may be marks and signs of wear, but still lot's of life left.

    Used/Good -  Item is well used. There may be marks/stains/scratches or repairs, but it is still in functioning order.

    Used/Fair - Item is very well used. Marks/stains/scratches and/or repairs but still usable with some life left in them.

    Used/Poor - Item will have stains, fading, scratches, repairs, tears and/or holes and marking. There will still be some life left in this item, it may be reconditioned or used for parts.

    Used/Grade 2 - Grade 2 items generally are very well used, they will have broken or missing components. They may be salvageable with some TLC or usable for spare parts.

    We aim to be as accurate and reasonable in our grading and descriptions as we can, but sometimes there may be items that slip through the cracks. If you feel this is the case with a product you have purchased, let us know.