Many a foot would come to grief without a sturdy pair of boots for protection. For those occasions that do not require boots we have shoes, open footwear and all the accessories to keep them in good shape.

  • Merino Wool Magnum Sock QUICK VIEW Merino Wool Magnum Sock $24.90

    Merino Wool Magnum Sock


    These chunky wool socks are just the thing for cold nights and freezing days. They're the perfect pick for hunters out on long trips or late season campers, looking to...
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  • British Army Cream Socks QUICK VIEW British Army Cream Socks $4.00

    British Army Cream Socks

    Size:  6-8

    Anyone interested in the outdoors can benefit from these incredibly affordable and extremely comfortable British military socks. These practical socks are suitable for a variety of professions such as hunters,...
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  • USGI Cushion Sole Black Socks QUICK VIEW USGI Cushion Sole Black Socks $9.90

    USGI Cushion Sole Black Socks


    Everyone can use a pair of fantastic cushion sole socks, they provide both comfort and warmth to your feet. These genuine issue US army socks are designed to keep military...
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  • Alp Kiwi Fleck Socks QUICK VIEW Alp Kiwi Fleck Socks $19.90

    Alp Kiwi Fleck Socks


    Socks are an everyday necessity that we wear for hours each day, so you want to make sure you're wearing a comfortable and durable pair. These New Zealand made socks...
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  • Wool Blend Socks 3 Pack QUICK VIEW Wool Blend Socks 3 Pack $33.00

    Wool Blend Socks 3 Pack


    This is a fantastic set of quality wool blend socks. Everyone needs a good pair of warm and comfortable socks for those colder days. Each pair of socks in this...
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  • DexShell Waterproof Bamboo Socks QUICK VIEW DexShell Waterproof Bamboo Socks $59.00

    DexShell Waterproof Bamboo Socks


    These Ultralite socks are soft and offer a comfortable, close fit, with the added benefit of waterproof properties. The bamboo rayon inner is eco friendly and provides anti-bacterial characteristics and natural moisture...
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  • Merino Wool Alpine Socks QUICK VIEW Merino Wool Alpine Socks $17.50

    Merino Wool Alpine Socks


    100% NZ made. 100% NZ owned. 100% Pure comfort. These Marino fibre socks are your best friend when heading outdoors. If you're hunting, camping, hiking or any hobbie that involves...
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  • Heavy Weight British Army Socks QUICK VIEW Heavy Weight British Army Socks $5.00

    Heavy Weight British Army Socks

    Size:  6-8

    Black British Army socks, used with no holes, lots of life left in them. Very hard wearing sock Wool and Nylon blend. Colour may vary slightly as this is a used item Size:...
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  • Bamboo Anti Bacterial Socks QUICK VIEW Bamboo Anti Bacterial Socks $19.90

    Bamboo Anti Bacterial Socks


    These super thick enviro-friendly thermal Bamboo Socks are great for either trekking, work or everyday wear.They are made from 92% Bamboo 8% Nylon.Bamboo is a natural fibre which is antibacterial...
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  • Cushion Sole Olive Drab Socks QUICK VIEW Cushion Sole Olive Drab Socks $9.90

    Cushion Sole Olive Drab Socks


    These fantastic cushion sole socks provide both comfort and warmth. Styled after the genuine US issue cushion sole socks, these keep up the quality and style of the original without...
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  • DexShell Waterproof & Breathable Socks QUICK VIEW DexShell Waterproof & Breathable Socks $99.00

    DexShell Waterproof & Breathable Socks


    DexShell's 100% Waterproof socks have a unique 3 ply construction to give you the ultimate in comfort and warmth. An over ankle length, lightweight merino wool sock. Suitable for tramping...
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