Warm beanies for winter weather, camo boonies for sun protection in summer, stylish army field caps or tactical baseball caps, Army and Outdoors has what you need. We offer broad and growing range of various types of military headwear and tactical headgear inspired by military and law enforcement.

  • West German Army Visor Cap QUICK VIEW West German Army Visor Cap $79.00 Just In

    West German Army Visor Cap


    These fantastic German caps are reminiscent of the WWII style 'crusher caps' and feature a German insignia button and badge. The stylish high front design mixed with a solid black visor...
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  • Dutch Army Wool Headover QUICK VIEW Dutch Army Wool Headover $19.50

    Dutch Army Wool Headover


    Here we have a very versatile item from the Dutch Army, a wool headover. This can be used as a neck warmer, an open face balaclava, a hat or any...
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  • M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover QUICK VIEW M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover $69.00

    M1 Helmet w/ Liner & Cover


    The classic M1 helmet. In this package, we are putting together the surplus helmet with a brand new commercial liner from Mil-Tec and a Woodland cover. Condition: Helmet: Used/Very Good...
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  • Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap QUICK VIEW Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap $5.00

    Czech Army M60 Camo Field Cap


    The Czechoslovakian army M60 field cap was issued to troops in the 1960s and worn through to the 80's. The 'needles' or 'clouds' pattern looks similar to the East German...
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  • Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet QUICK VIEW Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet $59.00

    Soviet SSH40 Steel Helmet


    This style of helmet was used by Soviet forces during WWI. These particular helmets are dated in the 1950's, so they didn't see any action in WWI, but the same...
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  • Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet QUICK VIEW Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet $59.00

    Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet


    The Bulgarian M36 helmet - known as Каска М36 in Bulgarian - was the standard helmet of the Bulgarian Army before World War II started and during that  conflict. Introduced...
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  • British DPM Boonie Hat - New QUICK VIEW British DPM Boonie Hat - New $29.90

    British DPM Boonie Hat - New


    Boonie hats are an all round fantastic piece of headwear, but genuine surplus boonie hats are even better. Tough lightweight material that protects against the elements whilst also being flexible...
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  • Black Cotton Baseball Cap QUICK VIEW Black Cotton Baseball Cap $9.50

    Black Cotton Baseball Cap


    Having a cap in your clothing collection should be standard, and if you don't now's your chance with this affordable 100% cotton cap. Quality made and adjustable, meaning it fits...
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  • Green Wool Beret QUICK VIEW Green Wool Beret $24.50

    Green Wool Beret


    Berets are an iconic piece of military wear, they're given to high ranking units and are a part of various dress uniforms. This army style green beret is perfect for...
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  • Genuine Flecktarn Field Cap - New QUICK VIEW Genuine Flecktarn Field Cap - New $25.00

    Genuine Flecktarn Field Cap - New


    This genuine German army Flecktarn field cap is made from a polyester/cotton blend and includes reinforced military-grade stitching on the short bill and through the dual-layer sweatband.The German Flecktarn field...
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  • German Olive Drab Bandanna QUICK VIEW German Olive Drab Bandanna $19.50

    German Olive Drab Bandanna


    This German bandana brings style and quality to your bare noggin. Finished in olive drab, a subtle and common military colour that is perfect for civilian use. The triangle design...
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  • Genuine Czech Ushanka QUICK VIEW Genuine Czech Ushanka $39.00

    Genuine Czech Ushanka


    Warm faux fur mixes with a durable exterior, ushankas are the ultimate in cold weather headwear. These genuine army ushankas are made with all the quality you would expect from...
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  • German Flecktarn Bandanna - New QUICK VIEW German Flecktarn Bandanna - New $19.50

    German Flecktarn Bandanna - New


    Sometimes it can be hard to have both style and a camouflaged head, but this bandana gets rid of those problems. This beautiful bandana comes in (my personal opinion) the best camouflage of all. Flecktarn. The bandana in question...
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  • British Army Issue Desert Shemagh - New QUICK VIEW British Army Issue Desert Shemagh - New $29.90

    British Army Issue Desert Shemagh - New


    Traditional shemagh scarf, part of the British military desert kit. Multiple variations for wearing/using this versatile accessory. NSN: 8440-99-876-9586Colour: TanCondition: New/Unissued
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  • German Airforce Overseas Cap QUICK VIEW German Airforce Overseas Cap $14.50

    German Airforce Overseas Cap


    These genuine issue west German pilot caps are stylish and quality made. The side cap design is iconic and widely used by a variety of military personnel. This is the...
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  • Multicam Boonie Hat QUICK VIEW Multicam Boonie Hat $24.50

    Multicam Boonie Hat


    Don't look past this fantastic multicam boonie hat if you're in need of hot weather headwear. Designed for humid jungle environments, the boonie hat is the perfect piece of headwear...
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  • Military Style Patrol Cap QUICK VIEW Military Style Patrol Cap $19.50

    Military Style Patrol Cap


    These quality made patrol caps are fantastic for a variety of outdoor activities. Patrol caps are an officer and base worn cap that evolved from the ridgeway cap design. Also...
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  • Black Cable-Knit Beanie QUICK VIEW Black Cable-Knit Beanie $9.50

    Black Cable-Knit Beanie


    Everyone can make use of an affordable and comfortable beanie. The perfect companion for brisk morning runs and cold weather use. Take this great piece of headwear out hunting, hiking,...
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  • MA-1 Cold Weather Bomber Hat QUICK VIEW MA-1 Cold Weather Bomber Hat Out of stock

    MA-1 Cold Weather Bomber Hat


    Sorry, this item is out of stock

    These MA-1 bomber hats are perfect if you're looking for a stylish and comfortable cold weather hat. Styled after the iconic aviator/bomber headwear. The rabbit fur like trim provides comfort and...
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  • Chimney Scarf with Hood QUICK VIEW Chimney Scarf with Hood $27.50

    Chimney Scarf with Hood


    Here we have a fantastic piece of headwear for those colder months. This is a quality made fleece chimney scarf (or headover scarf) with a drawstring hood. The 57cm length is...
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