WIN $300 Online Store Credit

The Queens Code Hunt

Put on your sleuth cap and join in the 'Queens Code Hunt'.


On our site there are THREE images of Queen Elizabeth II. If you can find them, click/tap on the image and it will take you to a secret page with PART of a code, be the first to find ALL THREE (giving you a nine character code) and you'll have the code for a $300 online store credit. In order to claim this, you'll have to be the first to enter and use it during checkout - the code will only be active until midnight Monday the 26th of September.

We'll get you started with the FIRST CLUE: (more clues will be available on the secret pages)

A branch directly opposed to Britain's former most powerful military branch is where you'll find me.

The FIRST person to find and use the code is the winner. However, for those that don't find the FULL code or are not first in, there will be a consolation prize of a 10% Discount code on each CODE PAGE.



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