Dog Tags for Promotions

Dog tags make a fantastic promotional item, from club membership tags, charity events etc. Advertising in the form of freebies is extremely successful, and dog tags are a superb gift that can be handed out at parties, gigs, trade shows, events and exhibitions. Associating your brand name with a dog tag customised with your logo, can reach out and grab your customer's attention.

Some of the projects we've produced tags for include:

  • Motorcycle ride charity event
  • Bootcamp fitness event for a chain of gyms;
  • Promotion of a military-themed book;
  • A launch event for a new release of a war game;
  • Dogtags for inclusion in a limited edition album box set;
  • Entrance ‘tickets’ for a charity event.

For big projects, we can provide branded and customised tags. We offer several ways of doing this, and we're always happy to explore other options. The standard branding methods are set out below.


Embossed Dog Tag Our standard embossing (raised lettering) service is available for any quantity of tags.
Suitable for: Projects requiring text only and projects where each tag requires different information (e.g. a name, ID number or custom message).

Pad Printed

pad printed dog tags Allows a multi-coloured paint image to be applied to the dog tag. Pad printed tags cannot be embossed with text.
Suitable for: simple multi-coloured logos. One-off events when the long-term durability of the printing is not important.


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