US Sizing System


Short, for an example Medium Short 160-170 cm
Regular, for an example Small Regular 170-180 cm
Long, for an example Large Long 180-190 cm


Size Chest
X-Small Less than 84 cm
Small 84-94 cm
Medium 94-104 cm
Large 104-114 cm
X-Large 114-124 cm
2X-Large 124-134 cm
3X-Large 134-144 cm
4X-Large 144-154 cm
5X-Large 154-164 cm


US Trousers sizing system


Trouser width is measured from your waist.

Military trousers are worn high, measure yourself at the navel.

The difference between two adjacent sizes on this system is 10 cm or 4 inches.

The table below shows the waist width in centimeters for each size. If your waist is equal or below the number on the table, take that size, if it is bigger, take one size up. Don't order one size bigger just to be sure - you'll end up with really big trousers!

X-Small 69 cm
Small 79 cm
Medium 89 cm
Large 99 cm
X-Large 109 cm
2X-Large 119 cm
3X-Large 129 cm
4X-Large 139 cm
5X-Large 149 cm
6X-Large 159 cm
7X-Large 169 cm

Length sizes

Short Less than 170 cm tall Inseam 75 cm
Regular 170-183 cm tall Inseam 83 cm
Long Over 183 cm tall Inseam 90 cm


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