Black Folding Shovel With Camo Cover

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This shovel is styled after the current issue US army folding shovel. Folding shovels are a product of military design, giving ground troops an easy way of entrenching when needed. Apart from the tri-folding advantage, this shovel also has a semi-serrated edge, that allows users to cut through roots and small branches. The handle was designed to make it easier to use and for hand to hand combat.

This is a fantastic tool to keep in your vehicle, bag or survival kit, due to its compact nature. Great for taking with you outdoors, as it won't be taking up much room in your pack. The "pick" form makes it much easier to dig vertically and puncture tougher terrain. With a screw lock design and camo carry case, this is truly a handy and versatile bit of equipment.  


  • Semi-serrated shovel head
  • Screw locking
  • Tri-Grip handle
  • Camo carry case
  • Easily compactable

Folded - 57cm H
Unfolded - 24cm H
Head - 21.5cm H x 15cm W

Weight: 1kg
Colour: Black
Condition: New

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