ECWS Intermediate Sleeping Bag

US Army Surplus

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The ECWS (Extreme Cold Weather System) is a modular sleep system from the U.S. Military. The system is made up of 3 items - the intermediate sleeping bag, patrol bag, and bivi bag. When all 3 bags are used together they are rated for use at -40 degrees Celsius. This is just the Intermediate sleeping bag which can be used on its own, rated at -23 degrees Celsius. It is worth noting that these ratings are based on what temperature you could survive in for a certain amount of time (4 hours), not what temperature would be comfortable.

This intermediate sleeping bag is the successor to the previous, black, intermediate bag that used to come with the ECWS. The main difference is the tapered feet end. This means the bag packs down smaller. A sewn in draft collar prevents heat from escaping around your shoulders. The foot area contains twice as much insulation than the rest of the sleeping bag. Constructed from water resistant, ripstop nylon.


  • Genuine U.S. Military surplus
  • Water resistant
  • Draft collar
  • Extra foot insulation

Extreme Temperature Rating: -23°C
Comfort Temperature Rating: -10°C (approx.)

Dimensions: 195cm x 68cm
Weight: 1.3kg
Content: Nylon construction
Colour: Urban Grey
Condition: Used/Excellent


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