German 5-Piece Harness

German Army Surplus



Consisting of our German Flecktarn Combat Pack and two Flecktarn G3 Mag Pouches held together by a sturdy Bundeswehr webbing system. Truly a great pick for hunters, paintballers or airsofters.

The combat pack serves as your main storage for the rig. It'll keep all your general storage safe while out in the field. Offering one main storage compartment with access in the form of an oversized closure flap that is secured via two adjustable plastic buckles. This compartment measures approximately 26.5cm tall, 26.5cm wide and 16.5cm deep. Two side pockets run the entire length of the compartment itself. Perfect for gear like binoculars or snack foods.

The two G3 side mag pouches really compliment this great combo rig. Each pouch is made for, but not limited to, two G3 assault rifle magazines. These pouches also take in several other similar caliber magazines, such as the FAL or M14's. The pouch itself is constructed from a very durable Cordura, with plastic stiffeners/dividers for the magazines. They don't come with a standard buckle system either, they have a "Spanish fly" type buckle, making it very fast to operate.

Finally, this rig is all held together by Bundeswehr webbing. German designed, so you already know it's going to be top quality. Stock standard 'H' design, is adjustable to make it fits comfortably. Truly a great piece of gear for anyone needing a solid harness.

Colour: Flecktarn Camo Accessories, Olive Drab Harness

Mag Pouches: 16cm H x 9cm W x 7cm D
Combat Pack: 26.5cm H x 26.5cm W x 16.5cm D
Harness: One Size Fits Most

Condition: Used/Good

*Simple assembly required

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