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Another quality surplus item from the Bundeswehr (German defence force). A solid and practical pack, which will stand up to years of abuse. This issue rucksack is used by soldiers on deployment and combines many practical features into one package which are convenient and comfortable.

Pack Overview:

  • There are two side pouches with adjustable strap closures. These side pouches are big enough for rations or magazines and are the ideal size for a 1-quart canteen.
  • The large main compartment is easily accessed by both top and bottom flap closures, each of which is secured via dual plastic buckles. Also integrated in the main compartment is compression bag closed with a drawstring at both top and bottom.
  • The top flap has a pouch on top, a small velcro secured pocket at the front and an internal zip-up pocket - accessed from the back.
  • There is an aluminium rod through the top of the rucksack for stability over the shoulders and an internal pocket for the insertion of a German folding kip mat which provides stability for the back of the rucksack.
  • The lower back has a sewn-in section of padding.
  • Bottom of rucksack also zips open to allow for easy access to items located at the bottom of the main compartment of the rucksack, and can be used as a 'false-bottom' compartment in its own right for the carrying of items required for easy access.
  • Rucksack opening and size is adjustable by means of four fastex clips; two which are designed to close the top-down flap, and two which are designed to compress or re-inforce the bottom of the rucksack.
  • Shoulder straps are padded and adjustable from hip to lower portion of shoulder strap, but also over the shoulder. Tensioning the upper adjustment allows the rucksack to be worn higher on the back, pushing the load into a better carrying position instead of stressing the upper back only.
  • An adjustable waist strap is provided which is opened/closed with a fastex clip.

This German Flecktarn combat rucksack is constructed almost entirely of water-resistant Cordura® nylon - known for its extreme durability and resistance to abrasions, a great choice for outdoor use. The pack is designed to allow the user to hang a G36 (stock folded) from the rear. The horizontal straps can be adjusted and it will also work with other rifles. These straps are not just for firearms however, they will hold a fixed-handle E-tool or a camp axe too. Through typical German engineering genius, the Bundeswehr designed their sleeping mat to be flat-folding. This sleeping pad fits into a compartment in the back of the pack and creates a supporting frame for the pack.

Finally, this pack comes in one colour, that being the German Flecktarn camouflage pattern. This camo is a multicolour disruptive pattern that generally utilizes three or more colours designed for use in temperate woodland terrains. An ideal pack for camping, hunting, bugging out, hiking or any other outdoor activity that require a practical sized pack.

Capacity: Approx 65 Litres
Colour: 5 Colour Flecktarn Camouflage
Condition: Used/Very Good

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