Mil-Tec Combat Vest




This 9 pocket combat vest from Mil-Tec is based on the British made 'Arktis 1601' battle vest. The 1601 was designed for soldiers in hot humidities, hence its mesh design. Although the pouches are stitched to the vest (meaning they can't be rearranged) they're placed in an optimum position for easy access. Mesh coverage allows for more breathability and less weight, making it perfect for long outings in hot weather.

The vest has 9 pouches and 2 Pockets in total, giving you the space needed for all your gear. 4 ammo pouches sit at the front of the rig, great for airsofters and paintballers, but can also be used as general storage pouches. The sides of the vest are home to large canteen/utility pouches. Above the left ammo pouches are 2 grenade pouches and next to them is a tool pouch. On top of all this versatility, the vest comes in 4 different colours, meaning these can be used in any situation or setting.


  • Breathable mesh design
  • Hook and loop shoulder strap adjusters
  • Numerous pull tab adjusters
  • D-Rings for extra gear attachment
  • 2 Solid colours and 2 iconic patterns to choose from
  • 4 Medium ammo pouches
  • 2 Canteen/Utility pouches
  • 2 Grenade Pouches
  • Tactical tool pouch
  • Inside holster
  • Belt clips at back

Colours: Woodland, Flecktarn, Black, Multicam
Condition: New

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