Mosquito Head Net


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Olive Drab Boonie Hat not included*

Mosquito nets are an essential item for many outdoor activities, if you've been camping, you'll understand the importance of protecting yourself from pesky insects. So when you see this wearable piece of mozzie net, you can imagine how great it'll be for campers, hikers, trampers and the like. This net is designed to be worn over a piece of headwear, usually a boonie, to make sure it stays out of your face.

If you're planning on heading to a humid area or anywhere that has annoying bugs and insects, the benefits of having this net are second to none. Simply pull the net over your hat, then connect the loops over one of your shirt buttons and you're good to go. The elastic on the net scrunches up, to insure that no extra sneaky bugs wriggle their way through the net.


  • Ultra fine mesh design
  • Elasticated bands on the top and bottom
  • Versatile elastic design can be worn over different sized heads and hats

Size: One size fits all
Weight: 15g
Colour: Olive Drab
Content: 100% Nylon with elasticated ends
Condition: New


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