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High quantities of quality and style have been placed into this oilskin vest. Quality is the first thing you'll notice. Its tough oilskin material is rugged and durable, and at first touch you can tell Outback have put a lot of love and care into this vest. Style comes next, and they certainly haven't cut corners in that department. This is a piece of clothing that'll suit any occasion and guarantees good looks, from good looking people.

Functionality is the last piece of this fantastic, clothing puzzle. Two good sized breast pockets feature on the front, giving the user convenience and the storage they need. The vest also features a quality zip, hidden due to a five button flap, that makes sure you get a comfortable fit. Speaking of comfort, you'll be feeling it all the time, due to its 100% cotton lining. This cotton is super soft and will keep in all the warmth you need while wearing.  


  • Durable oilskin material
  • 100% Cotton lining
  • Two breast pockets
  • Soft cotton neck lining
  • 5 button storm flap

Weight: 1kg
Outer - Oilskin treated cotton
Inner - 100% cotton lining
Condition: New

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