Smith's Sharpener and Survival Tool


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This pocket pal is one seriously handy tool. Lightweight, durable and versatile, all rolled up into a compact, palm sized tool. The pocket pal provides you with all your knife sharpening needs and more. Crossed carbide, ceramic stones and a fold out diamond coated rod, means you'll be able to sharpen both straight and serrated knives. Not only is this a multipurpose sharpener, it's also a survival tool. Set inside this piece of equipment is a 150g flint rod, single LED torch and survival whistle. In addition, a compass is attached via lanyard, making this a fantastic outdoor survival package.

The compact and lightweight design means you have no excuse to not take this with you on outdoor adventures. Keep it in your pocket or pack, in the glove box of your vehicle or add it to your home survival kit. At only 8.5cm in length, this tool won't be taking up precious space. Keep it around the house or garage, to make sure your blades stay sharp. Out camping? use the built in flint to help with campfires. With so many potential uses, you'll be sure to have this little guy on you at all times.


  • Carbide and ceramic cross stones
  • Folding diamond coated rod, for serrated knives
  • Build in emergency whistle
  • Single LED torch
  • Removable 150g flint rod
  • Thumb sized compass with lanyard
  • Compact and lightweight design

Dimensions: 8.5cm L x 4cm W x 1.5cm D
Weight: 50g
Colour: Orange 
Condition: New 


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