Swiss Alpenflage M70 Jacket - Used

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This Swiss army M70 jacket is a steeple of quality and versatility. Issued from 1957 to 1983, this jacket was designed with storage in mind. Packed with pockets and pouches to minimize the need of cumbersome packs and bags. Magazine and grenade pouches sit on the chest, while larger pockets are placed around the waist area, perfect for gear and equipment. 

The M70 is loaded with handy features that made soldiers lives easier. A metal clip placed on the chest was used to carry helmets when not in use. Interior pockets contained weapon cleaning kits, saving storage space. A mesh sniper veil hides inside the hood, for those stealthier missions. If you're a paintballer/airsofter, hunter or the like, you'll love this top quality jacket.


  • Alpenflage sniper veil
  • Shoulder epaulettes
  • Zip wrist cuffs
  • Metal clip for helmets
  • Button up storm flap
  • Reinforced, waterproof elbow pads
  • Left arm utility pocket
  • Three magazine pouches
  • Two large waist pockets
  • Canteen pouch
  • Back utility pouch
  • Very large back cram pocket
  • Interior waist pocket

Weight: 2kg
Pattern: Swiss Alpenflage 
Condition: Used/Very Good

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