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This tactical folding shovel is another great addition to our shovels and tools range. The folding shovel design is a great improvement over standard shovels. Offering a more compact way of transporting this useful tool. They usually feature extra attachments due to the smaller base size, most commonly seen is a folding pick head.

This folding shovel is smaller than our others, measuring in at 30cm. Its smaller design makes it handy for transportation via vehicles or backpacks. Gardeners will find good use out of this piece of equipment, as its head is perfect for digging plant sized holes, and the pick attachment is great for breaking down hard dirt. This shovel's handle can be unscrewed, allowing for easier transportation and even comes with a thematic camo carry case.


  • Folding pick and shovel head
  • Unscrewable handle
  • Compact design
  • Semi-serrated head
  • Comfortable rubber grips


Folded - 30cm
Unfolded - 40.5cm
Shovel Head Width - 10cm

Weight: 0.5kg
Colour: Black
Condition: New

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