US GI Style Suspenders




*US style web belt not included*

If you plan on carrying a heavy load, you may want to consider these comfortable suspenders. When used in conjunction with a web belt or similar belts, these suspenders can help take heavy weights off of your waist and lower back, and move them to your back and shoulders. For extra comfort and convenience, the shoulder and neck area is padded.

For anyone hiking, trekking or even hunting, this suspender system can be a lifesaver. Carrying large amounts of water or ammunition around on your lower back isn't fun, that's where the suspenders come in, shifting the weight and allowing you to carry essentials during outdoor trips.


  • 4 Unique, easy to use buckle system
  • Padded shoulder and neck area
  • Adjustable front and back straps
  • 2 front clips for accessory attachment

Weight: 0.15kg 
Colour: Green
Condition: New 

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