USMC MARPAT Woodland Trousers

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The design and concept are based on the CADPAT uniform, MARPAT (marine pattern) is a digital pattern used by the USMC. This is a sturdy piece of genuine issue clothing. A 50/50 split between nylon and cotton makes up the material, wrapped in the super effective and stylish, 'woodland MARPAT'.

These trousers aren't just good looking either, they have a reinforced crotch area to prevent them wearing out. They also boasts four, good size pockets. Two on the back, for things like wallets, and two on the thighs, for general storage. They also have a shirt partner, found here. An amazing all round pair of camouflage trousers, great for hunters, paintballers, airsofters or anyone looking for a great quality pant.

Pattern: MARPAT Woodland
Condition: New

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