British Army MTP Hydration Pack

British Army Surplus

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These packs are issued to the British Army to keep the troops hydrated. Our particular hydration packs have been issued but the bladders and mouth pieces are new! No need to worry about getting a dirty bladder. They can be worn on the back like a rucksack or attached to a PLCE bergen with the clips. Staying hydrated in between water stops is made easier with the 3 litre capacity.

The internal bladder is protected by an MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern) shell made from strong Cordura nylon. A side zip allows the bladder to be accessed and removed for easy cleaning. The tube features a bite-off dust cap with a valve and button operation. Three D-rings down the sides and a loop on the front allows additional gear to be attached. Hydration backs are an excellent option for carrying water while hiking, hunting or even cycling. Don't pass up the opportunity to grab a high quality military hydration pack!


  • Genuine British Army surplus
  • PLCE compatible
  • Removable bladder
  • Adjustable shoulder straps
  • Dust cap over the mouth piece
  • Strong nylon shell
  • Carrying handle

Capacity: 3 litres 
Weight: 0.3kg
Pattern: MTP (Multi Terrain Pattern)
Content: Cordura Nylon
Condition: Used/Excellent. The bladder and tube is new.


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