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  • Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet QUICK VIEW Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet $59.00

    Bulgarian M36 WWII Helmet


    The Bulgarian M36 helmet - known as Каска М36 in Bulgarian - was the standard helmet of the Bulgarian Army before World War II started and during that  conflict. Introduced...
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  • Bulgarian Army Camo Net QUICK VIEW Bulgarian Army Camo Net $45.00

    Bulgarian Army Camo Net


    If you're sick of generic, mass produced camo netting, you'll be excited for this Bulgarian army camouflage net. Consisting of jigsaw-like, coloured felt and quality mesh netting. Browns, yellows, reds and...
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  • Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat QUICK VIEW Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat $49.00

    Bulgarian Dark Grey Wool Overcoat


    Have you been missing that dark and grim look in your life? Have you been feeling cold on those late winter nights? This trench coat will be there to wrap...
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