The most protective wet weather clothing piece is the poncho. Keep your whole body protected from driving rains with any of our quality ponchos.

  • Emergency Reusable Plastic Poncho QUICK VIEW Emergency Reusable Plastic Poncho $4.00

    Emergency Reusable Plastic Poncho


    This hooded plastic poncho is a fantastic piece of survival wear. Waterproof, reusable, lightweight and ideal for a variety of outdoor activities. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, meaning you...
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  • German Olive Drab Poncho QUICK VIEW German Olive Drab Poncho $45.00

    German Olive Drab Poncho


    Easily one of the best ponchos around.  High quality rubber prevents any water from getting through. This poncho is a little weighty, but the payoff is a great rubber material that will...
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  • Military Style Waterproof Poncho QUICK VIEW Military Style Waterproof Poncho $55.00

    Military Style Waterproof Poncho


    This waterproof poncho from Mil-tec can also be used as a waterproof ground sheet, or as a two person shelter by simply snapping two ponchos together. Features: Waterproof carry bag...
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  • Norwegian Military Emergency Poncho QUICK VIEW Norwegian Military Emergency Poncho $9.90

    Norwegian Military Emergency Poncho


    There are many items that make up a good survival kit and emergency ponchos are definitely one of them. This genuine issue poncho comes in a 16cm x 7cm x...
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