Wet Weather Headwear

Keep your head warm and more importantly dry, with our waterproof headwear selection.

  • Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat QUICK VIEW Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat $35.00

    Woodland Waterproof Boonie Hat


    Boonie hats are a practical head wear option for all outdoor enthusiasts, look good while being protected from the sun and rain thanks to the wide brim. The protection it provides...
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  • Black Waterproof Boonie Hat QUICK VIEW Black Waterproof Boonie Hat $35.00

    Black Waterproof Boonie Hat


    Boonie hats are a fantastic option for all outdoor enthusiasts, comfortable and protective from the elements. Created to keep harsh sun and driving rain out of the user's face. The...
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  • Madison Oilskin Hat QUICK VIEW Madison Oilskin Hat $59.00

    Madison Oilskin Hat


    Out all day? The weather is always changing and having a hat that can accompany your head from sun up to sundown is always valuable. Oilskin hats take on unpredictable weather...
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