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Military issue canteens are one of the most essential items carried by soldiers in the field. From plastic to aluminium, Army and Outdoors has an extensive selection of authentic military canteens to suit any situation.

Canteens aren’t just limited to military professionals. Survivalists and outdoor adventurers will find the widest range of military canteens in New Zealand. We’re sure you’ll discover something unique in our selection of genuine military canteens and camping and survival gear for sale.

Army Surplus Canteens

By buying army surplus canteens, you’re guaranteed to get the best quality for your money. As you would expect from military-grade equipment, our range is of the highest quality. Using repurposed military surplus canteens means you’re not only doing the planet a favour, but you’re purchasing well-researched, reliable and sturdy equipment at a great price.

Aluminium Military Canteens

Old school military enthusiasts can find their vintage-look aluminium military canteens here. Nowadays canteens made of plastic are the most popular, but these German and Czech army surplus military water canteens were practical enough to be used from the ‘60s through to the ‘90s.

Camouflage Canteens

When you’re out in the wilderness and full camouflage is required, we’ve got you covered. Camouflage canteens are military issue canteens fitted with a camouflage pouch. These waterproof pouches easily attach to your combat gear to ensure you blend seamlessly into your environment.

Military Canteen Pouches

Designed to attach to a wide range of gear, slip your military canteens with cups into a genuine military canteen pouch. The best military canteen pouch also doubles as a utility pouch, so you can store your army water canteens as well as other necessities such as bandages, tools or matches.

Be ready for your next outdoor adventure. Shop our full range of military canteens, military hydration equipment, hydration packs and military surplus cooking equipment today.

Re-hydrate yourself with...
Re-hydrate yourself with this 2qt. (1.9 litres) canteen, made in the USA. Based on the US Army canteen which is designed to collapse and compress. This eliminates the air inside...
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Always on the...
Always on the move and need to keep hydrated? These bottles have a few handy features to help keep your water clean and secure. The bottles have a screw top...
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Regular price $25.00 NZD
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